Windspeaker Media News: May 24 to May 27, 2022

Sunday, May 29th, 2022 10:13am


Indigenous physicians group receives federal funding to battle racism in health care

By Rebecca Medel,

MAY 24—Racism and discrimination in Canada’s healthcare system is experienced all too often by Indigenous patients, but many don’t realize that discrimination is experienced by Indigenous medical practitioners as well. Indigenous Services Canada has allocated more than $150,000 to the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada to support its advocacy work to improve conditions for Indigenous.

City of Edmonton hosts family friendly Oilers rally during Battle of Alberta

By Elliott Knopp,

MAY 24—As a local hockey team continues down it’s path to the ultimate prize, fans and members of the community are coming together to show their support and provide a boost in momentum. Edmonton Oilers fans gathered outside of City Hall Tuesday afternoon to show their support for the beloved hockey club ahead of their game 4 matchup against the Calgary Flames.

City of Edmonton hosts family friendly Oilers rally during Battle of Alberta - CFWE (

Toronto-based First Nations artist to begin new residency that will showcase city’s ravine network

By Adam Laskaris,

MAY 24—For many, a walk through Toronto’s ravines would simply be a nice way to spend an afternoon. For artist Maria Hupfield, it’s her workplace. Hupfield belongs to the Wasauksing First Nation located in Ontario near Parry Sound. She is the first recipient of the ArtWorxTO Legacy Artist in Residence Program, officially announced earlier this month.

Rainy River First Nation to benefit from toll revenues through purchase of international bridge

By Shari Narine,

MAY 24— The acquisition of the International Bridge is both figuratively and literally an opportunity to bring together members of the Rainy River First Nation. On May 20, a ribbon cutting on the Canadian side of the toll bridge, which connects Fort Frances, Ont. and International Falls, Minn., signified the completion of the purchase of assets on both sides of the bridge by the Aazhogan Limited Partnership.

Artist’s inuksuk meant to create a better world for all

By Crystal St.Pierre,

MAY 24—Elders and staff at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton officially welcomed artist Piita Irniq through ceremony on May 23. Irniq, an Inuk Elder from Nunavut, will construct a niungvaliruluk, which is a window-shaped, directional inuksuk meant to point towards a place of significance. The inuksuk is part of a new exhibit, Arctic Journey, scheduled to officially open at the Telus World of Science in October.

Beaverhouse First Nation achieves historic recognition

By Xavier Kataquapit,

MAY 24—On May 21, Beaverhouse First Nation leadership announced to members that the community had achieved historic formal recognition from the government of Canada that it is, indeed, a First Nation under section 35 of Canada’s Constitution. A letter from Marc Miller, minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, dated April 19 confirms that.

St Albert plays host to Métis Spring Music Festival over the long weekend

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay,

MAY 24—St Albert's Servus Credit Union place was rocking over the weekend, with many singing and jigging in the Annual Metis Festival. MNA Vice President Dan Cardinal has been attending this event since 2009, only missing two years of the event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He says that the event is loved for the different events like jigging, fiddling and singing.

St Albert plays host to Métis Spring Music Festival over the long weekend - CFWE (

TELUS World of Science to feature “Arctic Journey” exhibit

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay,

MAY 24—An Inuksuk will be built for the “Arctic Journey” exhibit for the TELUS World of Science in Edmonton. Elder Piita Irniq attended Monday morning’s special ceremony, and said that building the Inuksuk inside the newly built exhibit will help reflect the Inuit culture at the TELUS World of Science.

TELUS World of Science to feature "Arctic Journey" exhibit - CFWE (

Cowichan Elders links survival of language, culture with his world of plants

By Shari Narine,

MAY 25—There’s a mystery – and a challenge – surrounding Dr. Luschiim Arvid Charlie’s new book Luschiim’s Plants: Traditional Indigenous Foods, Materials and Medicines, co-authored with Dr. Nancy J. Turner. “The basic knowledge of the names (of plants) I say in several places, (but) not in so many words. I give a hint to increase knowledge, and it’s up to that individual to go and seek that knowledge,” said Charlie.

Edmonton Folk Music Festival reveals complete lineup

By Elliott Knopp,

MAY 25—The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is returning to Gallagher Park after a three-year hiatus, and this year’s run features several new performers and enhancements to the annual gathering. On Wednesday, organizers held a media availability to announce the complete lineup which includes more than 50 artists throughout the four-day celebration.

Edmonton Folk Music Festival reveals complete lineup - CFWE (

Coalition seeks Ontario party leaders to commit to end racism against Indigenous people in healthcare

By Shari Narine,

MAY 26—Personal accounts—whether experienced or witnessed—in Ottawa and the Champlain region reveal the “uncomfortable truths” of the racism and discrimination Indigenous peoples face in health care. The Indigenous-Specific Racism & Discrimination in Health Care Across the Champlain Region report was released May 25 by the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition.

Ford promises to continue strong relationship with First Nations if returned as Ontario premier

By Shari Narine,

MAY 26—It’s all about relationships, Doug Ford told a handful of chiefs May 26 as he participated in a virtual session hosted by the Chiefs of Ontario. Ford spent his time making sweeping promises as he touted economic prosperity, equity partnerships, and procurement opportunities, should he be re-elected.

Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival returning to Old Strathcona

By Elliott Knopp,

MAY 26—After two years of cancellations and heavy modifications, one of Edmonton’s signature events is staging a comeback. The 41st Annual Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival is returning to Old Strathcona this summer.

Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival returning to Old Strathcona - CFWE (

Cannes Film Festival initially bars Dene director from red carpet event for wearing moccasins

MAY 26—The Hollywood Reporter writes that Telefilm Canada and the Indigenous Screen Office (ISO) stepped in when Dene filmmaker Kelvin Redvers was turned away from a red carpet screening at the Cannes Film Festival for wearing moccasins with his tuxedo, breaching the festival’s dress code.

Report shows “foundation of elements of accountability” missing from Alberta’s economic Indigenous programs

By Shari Narine,

MAY 27—The Office of the Auditor General recommends that programs offered to improve Indigenous participation in the Alberta economy should include feedback from the Indigenous communities or organizations that receive the funding. A report entitled Indigenous Economic Participation, examined four programs offered by Indigenous Relations and two programs offered by Labour and Immigration.


Beaverhouse First Nation finally given the recognition it deserved from the start

By Xavier Kataquapit,

MAY 25—Chief Wayne Wabie called me this past week to share news that his community, Beaverhouse First Nation, had officially been acknowledged as a First Nation by the government of Canada. This was a conversation of pure happiness, joy and relief. Beaverhouse First Nation has been recognized by First Nation governments for decades.