Windspeaker Media News: June 6 to June 10, 2022

Saturday, June 11th, 2022 12:20pm


"The energy was crazy. I felt so good. And it been an honour.”

Ivan Flett Métis Memorial Dancers perform at International Children’s Festival of the Arts

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay,

JUNE 6— Mikey “Dizzy Feet” Harris and his siblings Jacob and Cieanna Harris performed at Memorial Park for the International Children’s Festival of the Arts in St. Albert on June 3. Mikey says that it was an honour to showcase and teach the cultural dance to the kids.

Ivan Flett Métis Memorial Dancers perform at International Children’s Festival of the Arts - CFWE (

“The intention is to bring focus to what leadership looks like in the $100 billion Indigenous business economy.”

10 To Watch list recognizes leadership in Indigenous business, economic reconciliation

By Sam Laskaris,

JUNE 6—A selection committee has once again come to some difficult decisions for this year’s Indigenomics “10 To Watch” list. This marks the fourth year the Indigenomics Institute has put out the list that recognizes those companies that demonstrate excellence and leadership in the Indigenous economy.

"We needed to have our own place in order to conduct that resiliency as a community."

Willow Lake Métis Nation gathers in celebration of newly acquired land

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay,

JUNE 6—Sohkastwâwin, “The act of being resilient” in Cree, is the name of the land in the Willow Lake Métis Nation, newly acquired on June 3. Justin Bourque, Vice President and CEO of Willow Lake Métis Nation, shared information about the 205 acres of land and the importance it has to the community.

Willow Lake Métis Nation gathers in celebration of newly acquired land - CFWE (

“…a staggering lack of accountability…”

Lack of will, accountability hampers Canada’s missing, murdered Indigenous women response

By Shari Narine,

JUNE 7—Until the federal government is held accountable, the political will to take action on the 231 Calls for Justice in the final report from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls delivered three years ago will get no traction, says one national group. Without any type of accountability mechanism, the lack of political will will continue.”

"So, the male-imposed leadership… is enough for him on the issue of (MMIWG) and two-spirits? I think that's hysterical and shows exactly how patriarchy supports patriarchy.”

Alberta policies, actions demonstrate lack of commitment to Indigenous women

By Shari Narine,

JUNE 7—Even before Alberta Indigenous Relations Minister Rick Wilson announced the pending formation of a Premier’s Council to guide the province’s plan in tackling violence against Indigenous women and girls, his actions were condemned as not enough.

“Keeping the pencil moving forward.”

True to Place: Tradition meets contemporary in new Bill Reid Gallery art exhibit

By Rebecca Medel,

JUNE 7—The largest collection of paintings ever exhibited at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art will be on display in Vancouver from June 15 until March 19, 2023.  Titled “True to Place: stímetstexw tel xéltel”, the exhibit will showcase multimedia paintings in a variety of mediums, from both emerging and established West Coast artists.

“It’s the only one of its kind in terms of size and stature.”

Indigenous Sport Gallery heading online thanks to federal funding

By Sam Laskaris,

JUNE 7— Thanks to a pledge of more than a half-million dollars from the federal government, people from around the world will have the opportunity to access the Indigenous Sport Gallery. The Canadian government announced it would provide a total of $560,000 over three years to bring online what is believed to be the world’s largest known gallery dedicated to Indigenous sport.

"Getting out this month and diving into some books written by Indigenous authors is a great start."

Scouts Canada partners up with Raven Reads to build ‘Reconciliation Box’

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay,

JUNE 7—A new educational tool is being developed by Ravens Reads and Scouts Canada to help the public learn about reconciliation. Nicole McLaren, founder and CEO of Raven Reads says they are really excited to create the Reconciliation Box, which contains reading material and age-appropriate books written by Indigenous artists about Indigenous history, culture and reconciliation in Canada.

Scouts Canada partners up with Raven Reads to build ‘Reconciliation Box’ - CFWE (

“There’s a lot of things we can be doing as Indigenous people. It’s not waiting for the government to do things for us.”

National Indigenous strategy includes 107 Calls to Economic Prosperity

By Sam Laskaris,

JUNE 8— Details of the National Indigenous Economic Strategy have been revealed. The strategy includes 107 calls to economic prosperity, which is intended to help guide the country to a more prosperous and equitable future. It was built and designed by Indigenous leaders, institutions and organizations from across Canada.…

“This is a hydro project that has a lot of control mechanisms put in place that will deliver this power during the winter months when it’s needed in the Yukon.”

Indigenous-owned expansion project to deliver more clean power to Yukon

By Sam Laskaris,

JUNE 8—Yukoners will soon be reaping the rewards of an $80 million pledge to expand a hydroelectric project in northern British Columbia. Officials from the Canada Infrastructure Bank have announced they have hooked up with the Tlingit Homeland Energy Limited Partnership, owned by the Taku River Tlingit First Nation, to provide funding for the Atlin Hydroelectricity Expansion project.

"I would just want people to leave knowing (that) for Indigenous people, technology is often considered negative but there are so many ways it can be positive."

INDIGital program gets Indigenous youth excited about digital technologies and traditional learning

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay,

JUNE 8—The INDIGital Program recently hosted more than 20 Indigenous youth in Edmonton at a month-long hands-on program to learn digital technologies with traditional Indigenous knowledge. The INDIGital Program aims to increase digital literacy and access to technology for youth and is run by the Indigenous-led non-profit organization Indigenous Friends Association.

INDIGital program gets Indigenous youth excited about digital technologies and traditional learning - CFWE (

“There are children buried on the grounds of Indian residential schools. And we need to find them and we need to know who they are.”

New interlocutor promises help, no harm as work moves forward on unmarked graves

By Shari Narine,

JUNE 8—The federal government has named former Truth and Reconciliation Commission executive director Kimberly Murray as the independent special interlocutor on unmarked graves associated with residential schools. “I worked at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I heard survivors who had to dig those burials to put the children in the ground. I have seen photographs of funerals of children…”

“We’ve been talking about reconciliation before reconciliation was trending.”

Sodexo Canada provides a path toward Indigenous prosperity, economic reconciliation in new report

By Sam Laskaris,

JUNE 9—Sodexo Canada has published a report on its efforts toward reconciliation. The 2022 report, titled Economic Reconciliation through Indigenous Prosperity, was released June 1 to coincide with the start of National Indigenous History Month. The report details the company’s initiatives that help contribute to Indigenous prosperity and quality of life. “We really want to tell our stories.”