Windspeaker May 16, 1986

May 16, 1986

Click above for the Windspeaker May 16, 1986 issue: Please note, the pdfs may take some time to load. Contact Deb Steel at if there are problems.

The National Heritage Digitization Strategy digitized these Windspeaker editions as part of a pilot project. Windspeaker was one of three titles digitized under this project. They are now also available on the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) website at  Windspeaker volume 4 (1986-87) to volume 33 (2015)

Windspeaker’s journey began March 18, 1983 under the name AMMSA (Aboriginal Multi-Media Society of Alberta). This archives begins after the newspaper’s title changed to Windspeaker after a contest to find a new name was held.

These newspapers were digitized with the generous funding of the Salamander Foundation as part of a pilot project to learn more about newspaper digitization in Canada.

Learn more about the National Heritage Digitization Strategy website here:

Digitizing this title would not have been possible without the support of Windspeaker’s Publisher Bert Crowfoot, who granted LAC permission to digitize the material.

LAC is developing a search interface to provide better browsing and full-text search of the material. It also continues to digitize the remaining titles included in the pilot project.