We call ourselves Nehiyaw


Windspeaker.com Staff

With files from Dustin McGladrey from CFWE-FM’s Conversational Cree


Reuben Quinn has been teaching Cree culture and language classes for about five years.

He said the English language is very limiting, as far as translating any Indigenous language… any Turtle Island language.

“It’s really limiting. It has a completely different worldview, and the worldview is so vastly different from the English-language worldview.”

Reuben tells us how Nehiyaw came to be known as Cree?

Join Dustin McGladrey each Saturday at 8 a.m. (Mountain Time) for a one-hour program dedicated to nehiyawewin (Cree language). CFWE-FM wants to share the Cree language with everyone by creating the opportunity for non-Cree speaking people to begin to learn.

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