The revolution is just beginning

lional Robins

Windspeaker Radio speaks with Lionel Robins, CEO of Revolution Auto Group of Northern Alberta.

Head Office

12709-100 St.

Grande Prairie, Alta.

1-866-949-8722 (Toll Free);

780-539-5024 (Local)


There are always challenges when getting a business off the ground and Revolution Auto Group was no different, said CEO Lionel Robins.

Financing was the biggest challenge, he said.

“I had to kind of scratch my way up through the industry,” Robins said. A lot of businesses these days require a lot of capital to get going, and a lot of banks want to see business have some skin in the game to get going, he said.

Owning a business is a lot of work. There’s no two ways about that.

“Anyone who says they want to be self-employed to work less is dreaming.” But there are rewards but in the beginning you’re working long hours, and earning less.

“When you are building your own equity, the first step is to take a realistic look about what you should pay yourself.”

Keeping up-to-date with the industry can sometimes be difficult.

“In the old days we went to the auto shows in Detroit and Toronto to know what the new hot stuff was.” But these days, with the new technologies, Robins finds the San Francisco show in Silicon Valley is a better bet for him to see what the future of his industry holds.