New video released by KXO about endurance and survival

Thursday, June 29th, 2017 3:21pm


KXO, producer, DJ and performer, otherwise known as Pakesso Mukash, has a new video out. He hails from Whapmagoostui, Que., a small town in Hudsons Bay, but currently resides in Montreal. He is of Abenaki and Cree heritage.

KXO co-hosted, with Ashley Callingbull, APTN Aboriginal Live in Edmonton on June 21, where he sat down with Dustin McGladrey of CFWE-FM to talk about his work.

The video, called “Here We Are” talks about the survival of Indigenous peoples. He said it’s appropriate given that Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary, and after 150 years of trying to rid itself of First Peoples, they are still here.

“We still have our language and the video represents that and is a celebration of it,” KXO told McGladrey.

“The pride of being Cree has a lot to do with our languages. I speak Cree and I spend a lot of time with the Elders. … What keeps me centred is knowing my language and knowing the philosophies, and the comforting thought that our language always has our back. It will always be there.”

Watch the video here: