LISTEN: Piikani project hopes to address housing crisis for single adults

Thursday, April 12th, 2018 1:07pm


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Ground breaking ceremony


By Brittney Pastion Contributor

“Every blueprint is a chance for a curriculum and every job site is a chance for a classroom.”

Piikani Nation’s pilot project will see one tiny home built by high school students for an Elder in their community.

The Elder, Joyce Little Mustache, was in attendance during the groundbreaking ceremony April 11 in Brocket, Alta.

The federally-funded project is a partnership with the Piikani Nation and Your Choice Homes Inc. (YC Homes) running in conjunction with its programming “Construction Worker 101.”

The Peigan Secondary School is the institute involved with helping address the single adult living crisis by working towards building a home assisted by YC Homes. The program, which runs eight weeks, will take 12 students throughout modules and hands-on training in the trades.

The program was awarded to the Piikani Nation based on the success rate of their housing authority. YC Homes hopes this will lead to an apprenticeship program considering that students chosen already have an interest of going into the trades.

“Every module is a segment of the build and our goal is to have every student be part of every segment built so they will see all of the career options in building a home,” said Jay Noel with YC Homes. Once complete, students will mark their hand prints on top of the house commemorating who played a hand in making the home.

The practical art program is intended to help the community maximize the opportunity by bringing two departments together, building quality housing for the nation who typically see homes arriving on wheels already built.

“It’s an inspirational program and it’s about getting kids in trades, confidence building, empowerment and building communities,” said Noel.

YC Homes is eager to team up with all 46 nations across the province. For more information go to

Piikani Nation is located 199 km west of Calgary.