Homeless people to speak out about arrest

Thursday, July 13th, 2017 11:25am


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Restore confidence that calling 911 won't end in arrest

When a man suffered an opioid overdose on July 10 near midnight, a neighbor saved him by administering naloxone and called 911 for medical aid.

But instead of providing health supports, when three RCMP showed up, the ailing man was detained, searched and arrested, says a resident of the Maple Ridge, B.C. tent city called Anita Place.

“If the police come and arrest us when we call for help, no one will call 911 and we’ll die,” said Anita Place resident Dwayne T. Residents who wants to restore confidence in the emergency services system.

Tent city residents say calling 911 should bring health assistance for overdose victims, not arrest and criminal charges. 

The residents are holding a press conference this afternoon to bring awareness to their concerns.