Documentary, panel explores negotiating manhood

Friday, March 31st, 2017 4:00pm


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The Mask You Live In

Elder Phillip Campiou will be among the panelists who will discuss the documentary “The Mask You Live In”, after its screening on April 1 at the Metro Cinema, in Edmonton.

The documentary follows the lives of young men as they negotiate strict expectations of manhood.

Themes include the rejection of emotions and genuine relationships, which correlate to men’s higher rates of mental illness, suicide and violent crime.

Joining Campiou on the panel are Edmonton Eskimos Ryan King, MLA David Shepherd, Dr. David Long with King’s University, and newcomer/activist Kala Sritharan.

The panelists come with a range of backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge, as well as a passion for change.

The panel will explore how gendered expectations constrain and shape the lives of boys and men. Panelists will speak about their experiences negotiating masculinity in their own lives, the broader social forces shaping masculinity, and how they hope to transform it.

The event is part of the City of Edmonton’s initiative to end gender-based violence and sexual assault in Edmonton.