Statement from Squamish Nation on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Court of Appeals decision

Thursday, August 30th, 2018 12:39pm



By Khelsilem, Councillor and spokesperson for Squamish Nation

“The Squamish Nation celebrates the court’s ruling in favour of our Indigenous rights. The Trudeau government failed in its rhetoric about reconciliation with First Nations and this court decision shows that.

“This decision reinforces our belief that the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMX) must not proceed and we tell the Prime Minister to start listening and put an end to this type of relationship. It is time for Prime Minister Trudeau to do the right thing.”

“TMX would triple the capacity of diluted bitumen and is expected to increase the number of tankers passing through Squamish Nation Territory from five to 34 each month. The tankers pass by three Squamish Nation communities on the Burrard Inlet and a single significant marine spill could be catastrophic for those communities, the economy, and the Squamish people.”