Premier Smith, we are already Sovereign

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022 7:10pm




Treaty 6, 7, and 8 Sovereign Chiefs stated clearly during a press conference on November 18 that we are unanimous in opposing the Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act.

Treaty is an international agreement between Sovereign Nations. Our Treaty relationship is with the Crown, currently represented by King Charles III, while the federal government serves as a conduit. By using the word "sovereignty" in the name of this proposed Act, Premier Smith should not pretend to have authority over sovereign First Nations.

Treaty is the highest law to govern the land now known as Canada, its resources, and our Peoples. We understand the proposed Act as a ploy to access resources and extract them at an unrestricted rate, leaving the land unprotected.

Legal academics across this country continue to share that this proposed Act will be in direct conflict with Canada’s constitution and our Treaty agreements. It is a dangerous and damaging plan to undermine democracy and abandon the rule of law.

We have more in common as people than we do differences. Indigenous Peoples and Albertans need to come together to oppose this move from the Alberta government. We will educate and create awareness among our Peoples and Albertans to understand the devastating impacts the proposed Act will have.

Being humble, listening and continuing to learn does not seem to be on Premier Danielle Smith’s agenda.

If Premier Smith is truly working in people’s best interests, she will listen to all Albertans, First Nations leaders, community members and Elders who live here and admit her mistakes with the proposed Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act.