Opinion: Urgent action required on Bill C-262

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019 10:59am



Take action now!

Bill C-262, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, is in second reading in the Senate and has yet to go to the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples. Passed overwhelmingly in the House of Commons on May 30, the Bill will, if enacted, ensure that the laws of Canada are in harmony with the UN Declaration.

Let’s ensure this Bill is passed into law!

When Senators return from recess on Feb. 18, they will have only a few days to pass this Bill. Adding to the urgency is that there is a chance other Bills will be prioritized, and some Senators may try to stall Bill C262’s passage. If Bill C-262 does not reach third reading in the Senate before Parliament is dissolved when the election is called, it will die.

Join KAIROS in urging Senators to vote in favour of Bill C-262.

Send an e-letter to Senators or/and organize a collective action leading up to Feb 18.

Learn more and take action now! kairoscanada.org/what-we-do/indigenous-rights/pass-bill-c262

Thank you! Your action will make a difference.