Opinion: Motherisk Commission report is a mockery and another whitewash

Thursday, March 1st, 2018 11:50am


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Deputy Grand Chief Gordon Peters

The Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians calls the remedies outlined in the Motherisk Commission’s report on the “travesty” of the Motherisk lab has failed to correct the damage done by the Motherisk faulty drug testing.

Motherisk used faulty drug and alcohol test results in the courts to determine the fitness of parents to care for their children, which tore apart hundreds of families across Ontario, a substantial number of which were Indigenous families.

The report identified only 1,200 files had been opened, when all files should have been opened, AIAI said, saying it was a huge missed opportunity to right the wrong inflicted on First Nations and other peoples as well.

Failure to open all First Nations files means a failure to have children returned to their families, reads a press statement.

“This was a colonial problem to take First Nations children and now we have the same colonial lens trying to solve the problem.  It has failed miserably,” said Deputy Grand Chief Gordon Peters.

Open every file, they demand. To do anything less is a message that First Nations children and families do not matter, AIAI says.

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