NEW IN STOCK! Bannock in a bucket!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 4:28pm



Each bucket serves 12 people

As seen on the Home Hardware Athabasca Facebook page:

“NEW IN STOCK! Bannock in a bucket! Contains everything you need to make bannock, just add water!

And yes, we’ve tried it and it’s delicious!”

Reaction of one reader: “What!!Haha oh my. Giving these as gifts now.” And of another “Sacrilege!”

According to a similar post on the Sunshine Trading Post website, “the Bannock "Food Craze" is on.”

  • Bannock in a Bucket is the perfect meal for camping, hunting, fishing or just hanging out! 
  • Simple to use all premixed ingredients in a bucket, just add water
  •  Great souvenir item
  • Each bucket serves 12 people

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