Letter to the Editor: Indigenous children still just numbers

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 1:38pm


I sent my daughter to school Oct. 1, the next day after Orange Shirt Day. She came home with the number 4 written on her hand in black permanent marker. She told them not to and they still did this anyway.

When I confronted the school principal he said they were trying to organize 350 students into groups and that the staff had done this for this reason. Now let me tell you my son attends the same school. He said he had to hold up a paper with a number on it, then the younger ones had to go to their matching numbers.

I said I might not have made a complaint if it was washable marker, but this is permanent and I told the principal I felt with his responses that he was starting to sound like he was running a residential school. 

He made up a ton of excuses with no accountability. Each child, no matter what their race is, doesn't deserve a permanent mark on their body, and further more my child who is Native does not. He said he would assure my children would never be marked up again. 

If he said ‘Oh, I'm sorry. We clearly still have some work to do.’ If he said ‘We need to find another option other than marking children with permanent markers’ and maybe if this incident didn't happen the day after Orange Shirt Day I might not have been so disappointed. 

Michelle Nelson