Listen to those feelings and let the spirit speak to you


From Joe P. Cardinal

God, or Great Spirit, he doesn't talk to us like we talk to one another, but he puts things in our being—the spirit, the heart, and the feeling, so when you do wrong, you know. He's telling you. He speaks to you through the feeling, through the heart.

This is a great area here for me [pointing to his chest]. People can heal themselves, if you do things right, if you know what is going on within you.

The mind

You hear that expression, ‘It's a long way from here to here' [gesturing first to his head, and then to his heart]. It's a long journey.

Because, this mind is the one that goes. It's going all the time. That's your protection. And sometimes it goes into a negative area…

Sometimes we talk about a person negatively, because this mind it wants us to do that. To protect ourselves. But this fellow here, [pointing to the heart] is the one that really puts things together for you."

This Raymond Harris used to tell me, he says 'Remember one thing. That you cannot heal anybody. They have to heal themselves. You are the one that's going to try and help them to heal.’ But I hear Elders say 'I healed many people,' and I look at them, you know? This man told me you cannot heal, but you can help.

We were also told that the most important thing was to be patient and accept those things we don't understand.

(Editor's Note: Joe P. Cardinal passed away in Dec. 12, 2004 at the age of 82.)