You have to put 'hooks in the water' if you want to start a business


Windspeaker Radio speaks with Jaime London, owner of Dene Nation Industrial Services of Janvier, Alta.

The oil industry was in a recession when the owner of Dene Nation Industrial Services began his business. So things were challenging for Jaime London right from kick off.

The trick to his success was finding his niche, a market position that was open to Indigenous business. The company carved out specialty services in the oil sands area by catering to and servicing the major oil companies and supporting them day to day.

London had a business mentor in his father to help him find a path in the industry.

His advice to young people wanting to start a business of their own is to find a business that isn’t oversaturated by Indigenous work to be able to help your clients and further your business for the long term.

“Nothing happens overnight. Once you put your hooks in the water wait and see if something will come along eventually and focus on that.”