Stay focused on the services you can offer, and go for it

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Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson

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CFWE speaks with Jason Johnson of Piikani First Nation who owns Eagle Feather Entertainment, which provides mobile DJ services, keynote speaking and event hosting in Treaty 7.

Starting a business should be based on something you’re passionate about, said Johnson, and it should be something that you have some form of expertise in. And hopefully, it’s something marketable.

“But, at the end of the day, we have to do something that we really believe in… If you have an idea, a dream, a vision, whether it’s the next Facebook or Amazon, or whether it’s just something you do out of your garage and make a few hundred buck a month, whatever it is, if you really believe deeply in it and want to get whatever it is off the ground, product and/or service, just go for it.”

When he started his business he knew he wanted to provide a DJ service, but he also knew he needed to build some expertise, with experience and training.

“In that, I had to wait until I had all of that under my belt,” Johnson said. Choosing the right time to launch a business depends on a variety of factors, including how busy your life is.

Indigenous peoples “have a different way about us,” said Johnson. “But we work in modern society where if your customer care isn’t above and beyond they are just going to go on to somebody else.”

“As an Indigenous entrepreneur, I was texting people at one in the morning if they sent me a message.” And that’s how you get jobs, by being ready to respond right away to people’s requests and concerns.

He focuses on what he can do and does it well. And he takes his own counsel, rather than listening to others who might say this or that is not going to work.