Indigeneer sets a path of innovation and transformation


Windspeaker Radio speaks with Deanna Burghart, engineer and President of Indigenous Engineering Inclusion of Calgary who brings more than 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry to her position.


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Deanna Burghart said she saw a gap between the engineering profession and Indigenous communities and ways of knowing.

“I really wanted to help bridge that gap,” she said.

In those early day, knowing the problem was one thing, but finding the solution wasn’t immediately apparent.

“Would it be through consulting, through training, through speaking? Who would my clients be? How would I connect with them?” It really evolved organically to include all of the above.

“Go for it,” is the advice Burghart gives to Indigenous people who are thinking of starting their own business. “Give yourself the opportunity to take on the challenge and learn as you go.

“Sometimes we wait so long to feel like we’re fully ready, but until you actually take those steps and learn as you go I don’t think you’re ever fully completely ready. It’s one of those things you have to learn by doing.”

She says staying on top of the changing technologies and environment in your industry is required and extremely important.

Build and nurture your networks.