Hi-Way 13 keeps its eye on business growth prize


Windspeaker Radio speaks with Dareld Poittris, Business Development Manager of Hi-Way 13 Pipeline.


Email: dareld@hiway13.com

Phone: (403) 860-0298

Starting a business means facing challenges, and one of the main ones faced by Hi-Way 13 was supply-chain access, said Dareld Poittris.

There is a lot of rhetoric in the industry of others saying they are committed to working with Indigenous business, so Hi-Way 13 needed to cut a path through that talk. That took some time and effort, but that work has paid off.

While there are a lot of resources available when starting a business, in the end, it’s up to the individual to knock on doors to build and grow.

“Push, push, push, and network like crazy,” he said.

He advises that business owners should pay attention to their markets and continue to upgrade skillsets for the future.

Business is fluid. Sometimes an open door closes, so “keep plugging along”. Poittris said Hi-Way 13 is in a good position in the industry, but its not yet where it wants to be.

Having eyes on the bigger prize is how business growth works.