Carvel Electric

carvel electric

Carvel Electric

101, 1 Goertz Avenue

Stony Plain, AB  T7Z 0H6

Phone: 587-520-1872



Windspeaker Radio speaks with Jordan Jolicoeur, President and CEO of Carvel Electric in Stony Plain, AB.

When Jordan Jolicoeur took over his father's small electrical business in 2014, he didn't expect to be honoured with the 2018 Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Carvel Electric is 100% owned by members belonging to the Metis Nation of Alberta.

"Follow what you're passionate about. I enjoy doing electrical work but I'm passionate about business," Jolicoeur said. "I think that passion for business is what has driven me to keep moving forward. Everyday, I get to do what I love."

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