State of Emergency on Six Nations due to flood warnings

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 4:22pm


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The Grand River. Photo by Lorrie Gallant as shared on Twitter by Woodland Cultural Centre


Rds closed: 4th Line from Seneca Rd-Bateman Line & Mohawk Rd-3rd Line. Chiefswood Bridge being monitored. Vulnerable residents 744 West-Bateman Line asked to contact Home & Community Care @ 519-445-0077. Stay tuned for further updates #floodwarning #SixNations

Ohsweken Notice No. 3

The community of Six Nations remains in a state of emergency due to flooding.

Residents along Fourth Line from 744 West to Bateman Line continue to be the most at risk to experience flooding. Residents who have chosen to remain in their homes are advised to stay sheltered. Contact 911 for immediate assistance in case of an emergency.

Sixth Line and Chiefswood Rd has been inentifies as a potential area for flooding and currently being monitored by Six Nations Public Works. The Chiefswood Bridge remains open.

Use extreme caution and keep children and pets away from bodies of water. Do not cross water-covered roads in an attempt to evacuate friends or family members from flooded area.

The current flood conditions are not typical of Six Nations of the Grand River territory.

Ohsweken Notice No. 2

Following an update flood warning issued this afternoon by the Grand River Conservation Authority at 2:18, Six Nations Emergency Control Group declared a state of emergency for the community of Six Nations.

ResidentS from 744 West to Bateman Line are most at risk to experience flooding.

The following roads have been closed for community safety.

  • Fourth Line West from Seneca Rd to Bateman Line
  • Mohawk Rd. beween Third Line and Fourth Line

The Emergency Control Group is monitoring water levels around Chiefswood Bridge and will advise if bridge needs to be closed.

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Ohsweken Notice No. 1.

After flood warnings were issued by the Grand River Conservation Authority today, the elected council for Six Nations gathered together its emergency council group to discuss potential flooding on the territory.

The nation, located in southeastern Ontario near Branford, where the city has declared a State of Emergency, has advised residents from 744 West to Bateman Line of the flooding and has offered assistance with a voluntary relocation, with vulnerable residents within the area asked to call Six Nations Home and Community Care at (519) 445-0077.

Six Nations Fire and Emergency Services and Paramedics have called in additional personnel. The Social Services Gym is also on standby to open as a Reception Centre for community members if needed.

Fourth Line from Seneca Road to Batemean Line and Mohawk Road to Third line have been closed.

The Emergency Control Group will continue to monitor water levels at the Chiefswood Bridge and will advise if the bridge needs to be closed.

For updates watch Facebook: Six Nations Elected Council; Twitter: @SixNationsEC; or call (519) 455-2201. Or visit