Trudeau presented with Métis Nation’s highest honour

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 12:17pm



The presentation was made today at the Métis Nation-Crown Summit held in Ottawa. (Photos courtesy of MNC Twitter)

Métis National Council President Clément Chartier and VP David Chatrand presented “the highest award” the Métis  Nation bestows—the Order of the Métis Nation—to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The presentation was made today at the Métis Nation-Crown Summit held in Ottawa.

It was the third such meeting held with Trudeau and his Cabinet Ministers.

On the agenda were issues related to Métis veterans, a new fiscal relationship, Métis Child and Family Services, post-secondary education, language, and health.

Members of the Métis Nation’s leadership and the federal Minister of Veterans Affairs signed the $30-million Métis Veterans Recognition Payment Contribution Agreement.

"Métis Nation veterans of the Second World War have finally been recognized," said Chartier.

Today’s signing comes after nearly 20 years of lobbying and negotiating by the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF), reads a press statement.

"Today’s signing is about so much more than money," said Chartrand. "This agreement shows that the sacrifice of Métis Soldiers will now be properly recognized and that they and their families know the country they so bravely fought for, is in fact, grateful."

"Métis citizens from across Canada have proudly served, and their courage and contributions are a source of honour to their families, to their communities and to all Canadians," said Lawrence MacAulay, federal minister of Veterans Affairs.

"Addressing the concerns of Métis veterans is a significant step forward in the process of reconciliation.”