Overnight news briefs for Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 10:30am


A TEMPORARY POWER WAS approved by the Ontario government March 31 under an emergency order “to better protect people during this COVID-19 outbreak.” People who are being charged with an offence under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act will be required to identify themselves if asked by a provincial offences officer, which includes police officers, First Nations constables, special constables and municipal by-law enforcement officers, reads a press statement issued last night at 9 p.m.

Failing to correctly identify oneself carries a fine of $750 for failure to comply with an order made under the Protections Act, or $1,000 for obstructing any person in exercising a power if a provincial offences officer issues a ticket. In addition, failure to comply with an emergency order could carry punishments of up to one-year imprisonment or a fine of up to $100,000 for an individual, $500,000 for a director of a corporation, or $10,000,000 for a corporation itself if a provincial offences officer charges the individual by issuing a summons.

INEQUALITY AMPLIFIED BY COVID-19 CRISIS: A statement by released by the Canadian Human Rights Commission says social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantining may create unintended and disproportionate consequences for people living in vulnerable circumstances. While the measures are essential to flattening the curve of the spread of COVID-19, the rights and needs of vulnerable people cannot be forgotten or ignored.

“We must be fully mindful of how this crisis is amplifying the challenges and disadvantages faced by people living on the margins of society,” wrote Chief Commissioner Marie-Claude Landry, and strike an appropriate balance between protecting public health and safety and respecting human rights. “With the spotlight now on the Canadian concept of Caremongering, I encourage everyone to turn their energy to those who are in the greatest of need.” To read the full statement go to https://www.chrc-ccdp.gc.ca/eng/content/statement-inequality-amplified-…

THE METIS NATION OF ALBERTA is holding an T-shirt art contest to bring creativity and fun to Metis youth who are social distancing and staying isolated. Sketch, paint or draw a favorite thing about Metis culture. Participants must be MNA citizens in one of three age groups: 8 to 13, 14 to 18, and 19 to 25. There will be one winner chosen from each age group. The deadline is April 14. Email your artwork and it could be used on a T-shirt. Send submissions to youth@metis.org.

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