'Open season' on Indigenous people at Canadian Tire, says man forcibly removed from store

Monday, July 31st, 2017 4:28pm


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Kamao Cappo from the video he shot while at a Canadian Tire store.

The Indigenous man who recorded his ill-treatment at the hands of a Canadian Tire employee in Regina said he doesn’t trust the organization and is uncomfortable about the prospects of meeting with company officials, which have issued a public apology to him.

Kamao Cappo said he’s afraid to go alone to their offices. They “want me to go there where everything is secure for them” but have not offered to visit him on his reserve.

Cappo was accused of theft, and removed by force from the Canadian Tire last week. He recorded the incident and posted to social media. The video angered many and let to a protest at the store.

The store manager is no longer with the company, but Cappo said on Facebook that I told them that “he probably got a nice severance and has moved on. Although this is a step in the right direction by Canadian Tire, it is still ‘open season’ on Indigenous peoples in their stores. Something more needs to be done.”