Oil clean-up underway on the Bow River in Calgary

Friday, June 16th, 2017 2:47pm


Earlier today, the Calgary Fire Department responded to reports of an unknown substance in the Bow River and the Western Irrigation Canal near Harvie Passage.

Working with Alberta Environment and City Water Services, crews have contained the oil-like residue with further analysis pending to determine its nature and origin. Two booms have been installed on the Western Irrigation Canal to contain any further residue, along with a third, smaller boom on a storm water outflow on the Bow River.

Water Services will continue to monitor the site over the weekend and remove any additional residue as needed.

While there is no public hazard at this time related to the residue, The City’s Bow River boating advisory issued June 1st 2017 is still in effect and members of the public are strongly advised not to enter or float the river due to seasonally high flow rates.

At approximately 6:20 a.m. this morning, the Calgary Fire Department was called to the Bow River near Harvie Passage in Calgary to investigate an unknown substance in the river and the Western Irrigation Canal.

Hazardous Material, Aquatic teams and Fire crews are on site, reads a press statement, along with other City business units and provincial agencies.

The exact nature and cause of the substance is still being determined, however early analysis indicates it is a type of oil. Cleanup is underway with booms in place at the outflow of the Western Irrigation Canal. The substance has been contained to an eddy of the Bow River with some release down the Western Irrigation Canal.

Calgary Fire will continue to investigate and work with its partners to identify and resolve the issue, and ensure minimal impact to the environment, reads a press statement.

There is no immediate public hazard however it is asked that the public avoid the area to allow crews and other agencies to continue to investigate and contain this release.