It should be a gas, so tune in Monday, says Sgt. Davis Quinton

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 12:14pm


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Starts Monday, April 2 on the Comedy Network.


Lorne Cardinal as Sgt. Davis Quinton

Emmy-nominated and Gemini Award-winning actor, Lorne Cardinal, reprises his role as Sgt. Davis Quinton on the newly-revamped Corner Gas. This time he’s more animated than was his widely beloved character on the original sitcom series.

That’s because Corner Gas is coming back to TV April 2 as an animated series on the Comedy Network.

The man who played the often befuddled cop who patrolled the community of Dog River, Sask. with his deadpan partner, police officer Karen Pelly, who hung out at the Ruby Café, and who waited for something—anything—to happen in the quiet little town, spoke with Jeremy Harpe and Candice Ryan of CFWE-FM about coming back to the role.

Cardinal said he was excited about the prospect of returning to Dog River when Corner Gas creator Brett Butt approached him with the opportunity to do Corner Gas Animated. He said working with the cast again was a dream come true.

“There’s so much love and respect amongst us, it’s amazing.”

Cardinal said playing Davis was like putting on a favorite pair of shoes. “I love the guy. He’s so much fun to play, and he’s just so excitable.”

He said doing the animated version of Corner Gas is “more freeing” and just as funny “if not funnier” than the original series.

“The reason for that is because the writers can go anywhere they want in their imagination and all they have to do is draw it, as opposed to the live action where they had to build stuff… so we do have a Saskquatch and a unicorn fighting… It is very, very funny. We have some talented writers,” Cardinal said.

Corner Gas, the original, was the Number 1 sitcom in Canada for many years. Cardinal was asked why he thought the show was loved so much.

“Because of me,” he joked.

“I think, it’s because it reminds people of people they know in their own communities.” He said he’s astounded by the love and support the show has received from the public.

“We have the greatest fans that have kept the show alive and they love it.”

Many of our readers may remember that Cardinal was once an employee of the Aboriginal Multi Media Society of Alberta, the parent company of CFWE-FM. He described his experience with Windspeaker as “fantastic”.

“I was just a kid who didn’t finish high school. I learned so much there about photography, how to take a picture. (Publisher) Bert Crowfoot was my mentor and he taught me the ins and outs of photography. It was one of those life-changing moments, so I was very fortunate to have worked with that group… It gave me a skill, so I was very grateful.”

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