On this Day in Our History: Canada goes to court for monies owed by the Catholic Entities

Friday, October 12th, 2018 10:10am


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Oct. 9, 2014

Canada had the Catholic Church in court Oct. 9 and Oct. 10, 2014 for unpaid residential school money.

The federal government said the Catholic Entities, one of four churches to sign the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement, still owes $1.6 million.

The Aboriginal Healing Foundation, which ceased operation in September, was originally supposed to receive $29 million from the Catholic Entities. That amount was dropped to $18 million.

The Catholic Entities claim the remaining $1.6 million was spent on lawyers and legal fees and is a legitimate expense.

In a submission to the court, federal prosecutors call the legal/consultant fees, “excessive, abusive and were paid for monies that were clearly destined” to the healing foundation.

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