CNN settles lawsuit with student Sandmann

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 5:56pm


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Nick Sandmann with Elder Nathan Phillips

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Updated 8:42 p.m. (EST)

CNN has reportedly settled a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann.

The amount of the settlement has not been made public. The initial lawsuit sought $275 million.

Sandmann filed lawsuits seeking $800 million from CNN, the Washington Post and NBC Universal. Damages were sought due to “emotional distress Nicholas and his family suffered."

The suits claimed that the news network waged a "vicious attack" against the Kentucky high school student following protest marches in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 18, 2019.

The lawsuits followed an incident involving Covington Catholic High School students. A video that went viral showed Sandmann standing face to face with Nathan Phillips, a Native American man who was participating in the Indigenous Peoples March.

Many called out the boys for confronting the Elder. A more comprehensive video, released in the days following the incident, told a different story.

In the second video, according to CNN, "a group of black men who identified as members of the Black Hebrew Israelites were seen taunting the students from Covington Catholic High School with disparaging language and shouting racist slurs at participants in the Indigenous Peoples Rally and other passersby.

"Sandmann at the time strongly denied accusations against him, saying he had been trying to "defuse the situation" by "remaining motionless and calm."

Read the CNN report here:

Trial dates are not set for the NBC Universal and the Washington Post suits. It is also reported that Phillips is also being sued.