Windspeaker May 9, 1986


Volume 4 – No. 9


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National Heritage Digitization Strategy pilot project digitizes Windspeaker

The newspapers were digitized with the generous funding of the Salamander Foundation as part of a pilot project to learn more about newspaper digitization in Canada. Windspeaker was one of three titles digitized under this project. They are now also available on the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) website at  Windspeaker volume 4 (1986-87) to volume 33 (2015).

Learn more about the National Heritage Digitization Strategy website here:

Digitizing this title would not have been possible without the support of Windspeaker’s Publisher Bert Crowfoot, who granted LAC permission to digitize the material.

LAC is developing a search interface to provide better browsing and full-text search of the material. It also continues to digitize the remaining titles included in the pilot project.