Teaching Positions, Wunnumin Lake First Nation

Shibogama Education Department


On behalf of the remote fly-in only First Nations community of Wunnumin Lake, Shibogama Education invites you to a challenge of working to make a difference a child’s life, education and social well-being.

Shibogama Education invites applications for the following positions:


- Grade 1 Teacher at Wunnumin Lake (2019-2020)

- Grade 4/5 Teacher at Wunnumin Lake (2019-2020)

- Grade 6/7 Teacher at Wunnumin Lake (2019-2020)

- Grade 9/10 Teacher at Wunnumin Lake (2019-2020) (2 positions available)

- Special Education Resource  Teacher at Wunnumin Lake (2019-2020)

- Principal at Wunnumin Lake (2019-2020)


Wunnumin Lake is located in the far northern country with vast natural environment and landscape. The landscape scopes the pristine environment and abundant wildlife experiences.

The principal operates the school under the direction of local education authorities. He / She will provide educational and instructional leadership to the teaching staff. Wunnumin Lake school offers kindergarten to grade 10 programs based on Kwayaciiwin curriculum guidelines (bilingual & cultural relevant) and Ministry of Education Ontario guidelines. The principal will be supervised by the education director and accountable to local education authorities. 

The principal supervises all the teaching and support staff to ensure that the curriculum and programming is adhered to the school policy. The enrolment of the schools ranges from 105 to 110 students.

Candidates must be a member and in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers or eligible for membership.

Previous administrative or work experience in a northern First Nations setting is a definite asset. Consideration will be given to those experienced teachers who want to pursue a principalship position too.

We encourage educators and teachers who are seeking new challenges to make a difference to the First Nations children who are struggling with life and learning to apply for the teaching position. 

We encourage the new teacher graduates who need an opportunity to initiate their teaching career to apply for the positions and we will seriously consider your application. 

The incentive for the new teachers is that we have a service agreement and partnership with Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre that provides 2nd level teacher support to the new hired teachers duration of the school year. Each teacher will be assigned to a mentor. You will not be alone.

We also have a service agreement with Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre to provide 2nd level high cost special education services to the local special education teachers too. 

Please view the website of Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre at www.kwayaciiwin.com


To apply, send resumes to:

Email: nelsonm@shibogama.on.ca


Nelson Makoop

Education Assistant / Language Coordinator

Shibogama Tribal Council

Education Department

81 King Street. P.O.Box 449

Sioux Lookout, Ontario P8T 1A5