Probation Officer / Community Youth Worker - HUM012120

Status: Open
Status Details: Sourcing
Requisition Type: Professional
Hired Candidates: 0 out of 1
HR Business Partner: Simasiku, Chimuka
Hiring Manager: Jaspar, Annette

Primary Location: Buffalo Narrows > SK > Far North West

Posting Dates, Advertisement, and Competencies:

Opening Date: Mar 8, 2023
Screening (Resume Review) Date: Apr 4, 2023
Assessment (Interview, etc.) Date: Apr 11, 2023
Closing Date: Apr 3, 2023
Screening Time & Location: 2:30 pm TEAMS
Assessment Time & Location: 8:30 am 1213 Waite Street, Buffalo Narrows

Candidates to target: The public (includes Career Centre - identify additional ad media below if desired)

External Advertising Media (Please specify.): Saskjobs, Linkdin (free), Windspeaker, University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan, First 
Nations University of Canada, NOW Websites - La Ronge, Northeast and Prince Albert.
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Do not miss this unique opportunity to work with a dedicated team of professionals in Buffalo 
Narrows. This fascinating and fast-paced workplace is seeking you if you would like an exciting 
career with the opportunity to provide an integrated approach to offender management and 
supervision of youth and adults in the community. This dynamic role requires
you have excellent written and verbal skills with the ability to engage resistant individuals. We 
are seeking a talented individual who possesses an applied professional degree. Whether you are a 
recent graduate or an established professional, if you look want a challenging and rewarding
career in addition to having a balanced lifestyle in a northern community, here is your 

Do not miss this unique opportunity to become a Probation Officer/Community Youth Worker with a 
dedicated team of professionals in Community Corrections, Buffalo Narrows.
This fascinating and fast-paced workplace is currently seeking you if you would like to deliver 
services to youth and adults in Community Corrections. Each day is different in this exciting 
career, as you will have the opportunity to prepare court reports, complete risk assessments, 
develop case plans and collaborate with community partners to provide an integrated approach to 
offender management and supervision in the community. You can also look forward to living in our 
beautiful community where you can enjoy recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, 
camping, canoeing, snowmobiling and so much more. Whether you are a recent graduate or an 
established professional, if you look forward to a challenging and rewarding career in addition to 
having a balanced lifestyle, here is your opportunity.
In this position you are required to travel and work flexible hours, which sometimes may involve 
evenings. A valid driver's license is required.

This dynamic role requires you have a working knowledge of addictions, domestic violence, poverty, 
disabilities, mental health, family relationships, abuse and neglect dynamics. As well, excellent 
written and verbal skills along with the ability to engage resistant individuals and the ability to 
accurately assess and develop plans based on client needs is required. To qualify, you will possess 
a degree in human services in any of the following fields: Social Work, Indigenous Social Work, 
Human Justice, Education, or Arts: Justice Studies, Psychology, Criminology, Police Studies, 
Sociology or Indigenous Studies por meet the grandfathering provisions in accordance with Community 
Corrections qualifications. A degree from an accredited university or college that does not focus 
on human behaviour along with acceptable correctional and/or human behavioural work experience may be considered. You will also be able to demonstrate knowledge and experience in:
- Contributing factors of criminal behaviours;
- Theories and intervention strategies including cognitive behavioural approaches; and
- Systematic barriers that affect individuals and communities.
Apply today to experience and enjoy the balance between a rewarding career and a refreshing 

Competencies (not posted on Career Centre - click ? above for more info) You will have knowledge 
- factors that contribute to adolescent/adult criminal behaviours;
- theories and intervention strategies including addictions, cognitive behavioural programming, 
family systems, group intervention process, and evidence-based practice; and
- indicators and dynamics of addictions, domestic violence, poverty, disabilities, family 
relationships, abuse and neglect, and their impact on the client's ability to effect necessary 
change when executing a case plan.
You will have demonstrated the ability to:
- ask questions, listen, respond, and engage individuals who may display resistance and a broad 
range of emotions to gather and evaluate relevant information;
- verbally and in writing communicate clear and concise information to a variety of audiences that 
persuades/convinces/ builds support/ educates/promotes understanding;
- accurately assess, develop, implement, evaluate, and adjust case/ treatment/intervention plans in 
collaboration with the client and others to establish goals and meet diverse client/family needs;
- identify and systematically assess the factors underlying criminal behaviour and the risks and 
needs to intervene in a manner that respects the individual’s unique abilities, aptitudes, and 
social and cultural circumstance and responsivity for case management planning;
- analyze and evaluate data/information to make decisions/recommendations about the effectiveness 
of practices and programs;
- develop and maintain open and honest work relationships with a challenging and diverse range of 
individuals, agencies, interest groups and related service providers;
- recognize and understand cultural and socio-economic differences in developing case plans that 
address client risk/ need;
- anticipate and recognize conflict or potentially-violent situations and respond to ensure the 
safety of self, client, and others;
- work independently and participate as a contributing member of a variety of teams within the 
workplace to meet client, work unit, and ministry goals and objectives;
- independently plan and balance diverse and conflicting workload pressures in a timely manner, 
accomplishing program goals while meeting client needs; and
- access, retrieve, input, process, and maintain information using various electronic systems in an 
accurate and timely manner.
You will be:
- reliable, confident, a positive role model, discreet, and accountable in order to effectively 
work with a high-risk client group;
- respectful, able to work with integrity, and client-service oriented; and
- flexible and creative in order to positively accept new challenges and contribute to the 
development of new ideas in a changing environment.