Executive Director, inPath

Our next Executive Director is someone who is excited about contributing to programming and initiatives that help Indigenous youth and artists feel supported and confident in creatively shaping the future.

inPath is a learning organization that co-designs and delivers arts-based programs alongside Indigenous youth. We are the team behind the N’we Jinan videos (Turtle Island) and the Mikw Chiyâm Program (Eeyou Istchee). Our office is in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal but our team is dispersed across the country and our programs are delivered from coast to coast. Our commitment to systems change through the arts means that we think creatively, value curiosity, and are not satisfied with the status-quo. You can read more about us and our programs on our website: www.inpath.ca

The Executive Director will support an organization that develops and implements programming alongside Indigenous youth. We are prioritizing Indigenous applicants for this position.

Position & Application Key Details:

Apply by: Sunday, December 10th, 2022 at midnight PST

Interview Dates: January 9th-19th, 2023

*Only candidates chosen for interviews will be contacted. They will be contacted prior to the winter holiday to schedule interviews for 2023.

Ideal Start date: Between February 13th - March 13th 2023

To apply: 

(1) Fill out this form in English or in French

(2)  Send your CV to workwithus@inpath.ca

Important notes: 

Name your CV (as a PDF) like this: Position_Last name_First name. 

Write the subject line of your email so that it corresponds with the name of your PDF. 

*If you have any problems filling out the form or have questions about the process, please email workwithus@inpath.ca.

Hours: 40 hrs/wk (includes paid lunch hour) 

Starting Salary: $95,000-$108,000 depending on experience

Contract type: Permanent Position; 6-month probationary period.

Where you’ll be working: This position may be considered for remote work, but working from our Montreal office would be preferred. Relocation costs may be considered.

Benefits, Vacation, and Paid Time Off:

  • Group health insurance
  • Monthly phone/internet contribution
  • 3-weeks paid vacation per year 
  • 1 week paid winter holiday from December 25th-January 1st
  • 6 Wellness Days and 6 Sick Days
  • 1 year of ED Coaching Support (first year)

*This position sometimes requires a fluctuating work schedule, with periods of greater demands on time than others. Early morning, evening and weekend work may sometimes be required. 

Our Mission: To nurture a network of support for Indigenous youth and artists through arts-based learning, job skills training, and mentorship.

Our Vision: For Indigenous youth and artists to feel supported and confident in creatively shaping the future.

Our Values: Your story is your strength // Stay curious // Challenge injustice and inequity // Grow reciprocal relationships

About You (your skills and qualities): 

*We recognize the value of both paid and unpaid work and the value of lived experience. The following skills and qualities will help you thrive in this role. Remember: you don’t need to have all of these to be a strong candidate.

  • You have an interest in and appreciation for the arts, culture, and creative sector and want to work to ensure that Indigenous youth and artists feel supported and confident in creatively shaping the future.
  • You steward the work environment as a space of connectivity and respect, work to promote safety, accessibility, anti-racism and anti-oppression in the workplace and integrate an understanding of anti-oppression frameworks into your work and responsibilities
  • You have experience as a leader and have experience with governance structures, organizational policies, and procedures.
  • You are a big-picture thinker, but remain grounded in strategic goals and management.
  • You are a creative thinker, interested in innovation and entrepreneurship and have the ability to problem solve and plan in a nimble, adaptive way.
  • You’re familiar with the funding and philanthropic landscape and have experience working with funders, tracking, recording and reporting on successfully obtained funding. 
  • You have experience collaborating with external partners on large-scale projects and programs.
  • You are curious and ask questions when you need to know more rather than making assumptions.
  • You are open to giving AND receiving feedback, are adaptable, and willing to (un)learn. 
  • You are comfortable and savvy with speaking about the organization and its impact and feel excited about giving presentations and attending conferences and gathering events on behalf of the organization.
  • You enjoy celebrating the small and the big things, and believe that celebration is key to building connection and inspiring creativity.
  • You have a deep knowledge of the history / current realities of Indigenous Peoples   and have experience working with Indigenous people in a culturally safe manner.
  • You have lived experience and experience working with people who dream of, and seek growth opportunities despite having been marginalized by colonization, racism, homophobia, transphobia, poverty, living with disability, transmisogyny and are aware of the implications these can have on employee experiences in the workplace.
  • You have a high level of digital literacy and solid knowledge of Google Drive and other digital platforms like Asana, Salesforce, Slack, etc.

Your weekly tasks will include:

  • Supporting the Directors, Managers & Head’s (DMH Pod) by being an active participant in inPath’s consensus-based decision making processes, while aligning key decisions with inPath's guiding priorities, governance, and vision, mission, and values. 
  • Offering supportive supervision that ensures organizational deadlines are being met while maintaining an environment that promotes celebration, respect, mutual understanding, and room to navigate conflict proactively and responsively. 
  • Developing and sustaining relationships with funders, philanthropic entities, and other major institutions/organizations interested in supporting inPath’s vision and mission in reciprocal and financially sustainable ways.
  • Liaising between the Directors, Managers & Heads and the Board of Directors, to support the refinement of strategic growth ideas and priorities based on financial and governance realities and opportunities.
  • Understanding and working in ways that reflect inPath’s approach to design thinking, iteration, creative learning, and strengths-based storytelling.
  • Grounding new project ideas and growth-related scenarios in organizational context and working alongside the leadership team to evaluate whether new projects and opportunities align with organizational values, culture and staff capacity.
  • Guiding and supporting grant writing, funding applications, project development and reporting to ensure alignment with organizational mission, vision and needs.
  • Developing, overseeing and closing-out over $2.5 million in budgets alongside inPath’s Directors and Managers. 
  • Attending leadership meetings, staff meetings, and working sessions.
  • Connecting with staff about issues and trends they are seeing in the day-to-day to stay plugged into the concrete realities of program participants and the inPath community.
  • Offering a fair, transparent, and balanced approach to working with directors on performance or interpersonal issues, in line with the inPath’s Human Resource Manual (HRM).

Your annual tasks will include:

  • Supporting Directors & Managers in the development of annual budgets and work-plans in alignment with annual guiding priorities and available funding.
  • Working alongside the Board of Directors to ensure proper management and sustainability of inPath, which includes ensuring organizational fiscal responsibility & sound implementation of financial arrangements.
  • Alongside the Board of Directors and the Directors, Managers & Heads, participate in setting and renewing short and long-term guiding priorities focused on the organization’s financial growth and sustainability, while ensuring alignment with the organizational vision and mission.
  • Closing out the Fiscal Year alongside the Sr. Director of Programming and Finance Manager and supporting the annual financial audit.

Qualifications for this Position:

*We recognize the value of both paid and unpaid work and the value of lived experience. For this job, you should have some or all of the following qualifications:

  • A university or master’s degree in a field that relates to the position and/or 5+ years experience in non-profit leadership and/or executive level leadership in a social enterprise or social purpose organization.

Additional Assets: 

  • Multilingualism (French/English/Indigenous languages); 
  • Informal or formal relationships to art-making or other creative processes; 
  • Experience working with and/or living in Indigenous communities; and,
  • Experience or certifications in:
  • Non-Profit Financial Management
  • Non-profit Governance
  • Non-Violent Communication / Healing Informed Practices
  • Leadership & Organizational Management
  • Social Impact work 

About Us:

We are a learning organization that designs and delivers arts-based programs alongside Indigenous youth. We are based in Montreal but our programs are delivered from coast to coast. We’re rooted in a start-up culture–we’ve grown quickly, from the ground up, in just over seven years. We value emergence and flexibility. Our commitment to systems change through the arts means that we think creatively, value curiosity, and are not satisfied with the status-quo. We are committed to transforming oppressive processes and systems in order to create a world where creative learning encourages curiosity, promotes agency, and helps people feel connected to a community. 

Our Work Culture & Norms:

  • Working as part of the inPath team means joining a group of 18+ employees committed to learning and creativity. It also means joining a community of 40+ artists and 500+ youth who are building strength-based narratives through creativity. Our work environment is:  
  • Hierarchical, support-based, and highly collaborative 
  • Primarily English-speaking 
  • Fast-paced, dynamic, and nimble
  • Guided by collectively developed group norms and agreements that focus on well-being 
  • A mix of in-person and remote team, with some flexibility around work hours.

Our Team is Committed to:

  • Learning and professional development. We are a young social purpose organization that encourages intrapreneurship and intentional, innovative thinking. 
  • Caring, reciprocal relationships 
  • Un/learning our colonial history and present-day systems of oppression
  • Our vision, mission and values as lived in the day-to-day
  • Anti-oppression and anti-racism practices and pedagogies
  • Systems change in education and the arts sector and learning from the inside out
  • Collaborative work and creative problem solving 
  • An open, generative approach to giving and receiving feedback 


Our team works remotely, with an option to work from the Montreal office. Our building is not wheelchair accessible. As we are in a shared building, we cannot guarantee a scent-free space, although our specific office has a scent-free policy. If you have specific questions relating to accessibility, please email workwithus@inpath.ca.

A Note on Employment Equity: 

We value the contributions individuals who identify as members of marginalized communities bring to our organization. We encourage, among others, Black, Indigenous people, and People of Colour, people with disabilities, people that identify as 2SLGBTQI, women, formerly incarcerated or institutionalized people, immigrants, and people from working class backgrounds to apply. We understand applicants may experience a number of these identities simultaneously in ways that reinforce and nuance their experience. We are committed to creating an organization that is as diverse as the communities we serve. 

If you would like to be considered for employment equity, you can let us know in your application form and it is not required that you explain why you would like to be considered.