Executive Director, Onen'To:Kon Healing Lodge


Executive Director

Onen’tó:kon Healing Lodge (OHL) is seeking a highly motivated, strategic thinking leader to support and drive the direction of the achievement of our mission and vision.

Our Mission

To guide and support each client in his or her succesful and sustained journey to culturally rooted, holistically healthy and capable life practices.

Our Vision

Culturally rooted, empowered and holistically healthy Onen’to:kon graduates who inspire, contribute to and support strong, healthy families and communities for a better future.

About Us

Onen’tó:kon Healing Lodge is a 16-bed residential facility serving the Indigenous population aged 18 years and over, with drug and/or alcohol addictions. Our program is six-weeks in duration, culturally based and trauma focused, and we incorporate traditional practices of healing, while working with clients one-to-one.

Located in the Mohawk territory of Kanehsatake, near the town of Oka and the City of Montreal our facility is nestled within century old pine trees that overlook the beautiful Lake of Two Mountains.

We embrace our Mission Statement “Strengthening the Healing Journey” by incorporating it into our daily activities and, in doing so, have assisted over 3500 clients and their families in the recovery process. At Onen’tó:kon Healing Lodge (OHL), we offer our clients the opportunity to embark upon a clean and healthy lifestyle. Healing is our mission.

Minimum Requirements

A. University Degree in the area of Health, Social or Human Services or Business Administration with a minimum of three (3) years working in addictions counselling and/or mental health services; OR

B. Diploma in Addictions, Social Work, Psychology with minimum five (5) years relevant work experience in addictions counselling and/or mental health services; OR

C. Management experience with at least seven (7) years of work experience in an addictions program or as a client services manager.

• Knowledge of mental health and addictions involving First Nations/Inuit people and communities;

• Solid understanding of HR management, financial management, project management and legislations;

• Strong organizational, analytical, problem solving, decision making, public speaking, facilitating, delegating and communication skills;

• Strong computer knowledge and skills in order to work with the software and technology of OHL;

• Knowledge of Indigenous Culture would be a definite asset and working knowledge of French Language is a definite asset;

• Must not be guilty of a criminal offense in a matter related to the job;

• Must be living a healthy lifestyle.

Status: Permanent Full-Time, with (one) 1 year probationary period

Salary: $67,518 - $86,718 (based on qualifications)

Schedule: Thirty-five (35) hours per week, Monday to Friday; flexible hours as needed.

If you believe you possess all the requirements listed in the full job description for this position, and you wish to pursue a rewarding career with excellent benefits at OHL, please forward your:

1. Letter of intent

2. Resume; and

3. Two (2) professional reference letters to: charleen@planitkahnawake.ca.



JOB TITLE: Executive Director

SUPERVISOR: Board of Directors

TERMS: Full-Time


Amendment date(s): August 2021


The Executive Director (ED) is the carrier of the Onen’tó:kon Healing Lodge’s (OHL) mission and vision, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality care and treatment to meet their individual and family needs.

The incumbent plays an essential role in the development, modernization and expansion of client services and programs that focus on the cultural identity of Indigenous communities and the traditional values and practices.

The incumbent plans, organizes, supervises and evaluates the day-to-day activities and overall operations of OHL and must coordinate and maintain a strong internal team of employees and network with external agencies and partners. S/he is accountable to, and reports to, the Board of Directors (BOD) by providing regular updates and seeks input and feedback in the implementation of strategic goals and plans, among others, by demonstrating transparency and accountability.


Responsibilities Duties

Leadership and Management

• Establishes an effective organization structure, ensuring that there is management focus on key functions necessary for the organization to deliver on its mission;

• Provides inspirational leadership and conveys the strategic vision and mission of OHL including general oversight of the day-to-day management of operations to ensure an efficient and effective functioning organization;

• Actively engages and energizes OHL staff, board members, committees, and partners in advancing the organization’s vision, mission and strategic goals;

• Engages clients and their families in decision-making in all aspects related to their care and healing journey;

• Develops, maintains, and supports an effective and efficient Board of Directors and participates in all Board meetings;

• Leads, coaches, develops, and retains high performing staff and clinical team that is motivated and inspired towards helping OHL clients and their families;

• Develops and strengthens partnerships with organizations, including non-governmental organizations, First Nation communities and other institutions in order to create greater impact in advancing the organizations strategic goals;

• Reviews and assesses the guiding documents to ensure all remain operationally appropriate and that the organization is compliant with all funding, regulatory and legislative agreements;

• Coaches and integrates clinical and organizational teams within OHL to align all internal processes and programming with the vision and mission of the organization;

• Performs outreach and promotion of the organization’s expertise in addictions treatment at public events and networking activities;

• Represents the organization externally and promotes OHL in order to improve the awareness of the organization within the general public;

• Directly provides public relations, community relations and interdepartmental networking for OHL, in conjunction with Board and other Managers;

Operations Management

• Establishes a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with appropriate legislation and regulations;

• Ensures ongoing program quality, regular program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, communications, and systems;

• Recommends timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic goals;

• Ensures that the majority of programming and activities are culturally based utilizing cultural teachings from staff and other resources;

• Ensures clinical competency of staff, training and that programs are based on best practice in the fields of addiction and mental health;

• Oversees the development of effective systems to track programs, and regularly evaluate program components, so as to measure successes that can be effectively communicated to the Board, First Nation communities, families, and other constituents;

• Seeks out opportunities to improve organizational operations and changes organizational philosophy to integrate services and programs to function as a strong cohesive unit focused on client success and healing


• Understand the organizational requirements for governance practices and supports the Board in its governance duties;

• Works with the Board of Directors in establishing the vision, mission and values of OHL;

• Is responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing timely and accurate information/documents/reports necessary for the smooth functioning of Board meeting and informed decision-making;

• Leads the development of the OHL’s strategy to achieve its vision and mission. This includes critical thinking about the next strategic plan and communicating a clear and compelling strategy to First Nation communities, Band Council(s) and funding agencies as appropriate;

• Works with the Board to develop the organization’s strategic plan, annual strategy review and financial budgets for approval;

• Works with the Board to ensure adequate funding to achieve OHL’s strategic objectives;

• Provides support to Board members to improve their governance practices and skills development;

• In consultation with the Chair of the Board, reviews OHL’s existing policies/by-laws/code of ethics and submits recommendation to the Board for final adoption;

• Collaborates with the Chair of the Board in planning, organizing, facilitating and preparing all the logistics for the Board meetings;

Human Resource Management

• Builds an organizational culture that attracts, supports, sustains and motivates a qualified culturally rooted staff that is committed to healing and personal/professional development;

• Manages staff in compliance with human resources policies, procedures and practices including hiring, orientation, training/development, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, and as appropriate, dismissal and resignations;

• Oversees the update and maintenance of all job descriptions and performance evaluations for all staff;

• Assesses staff skill sets and gaps in learning, ability and the application of knowledge;

• Coaches and supports the development of staff by ensuring the on-going development of individual learning plans to ensure improvements in core-competencies and organizational capability;

• Develops and obtains approval from the Board for the implementation of incentives that facilitate the attraction and retention of staff, work-family balance and the development of their abilities;

• Makes decisions and sound recommendations regarding hiring, disciplinary action and compensation of staff;

• Oversees the strategic human resources process for the organization by identifying future staffing needs and skill sets that will enhance the organization’s capabilities and programming;

• Proactively manages disputes, complaints and other sources of labor or ethical conflict; intervenes in employee misconduct and applies administrative or disciplinary measures when appropriate in compliance with Labor Standards

Financial and Risk Management

• Annually plans the financial needs of the organization consistent with strategic objectives, operational needs, development projects and approved funding agreements and submits them to the Board for approval;

• Ensures proper financial management of the organization’s budget, including appropriate and up-to-date bookkeeping and accounting procedures;

• Is responsible for the financial and accounting integrity of OHL; receives, reviews and signs all funding contribution agreements for the organization under his/her level of authority;

• Oversees the submission of proposed annual budgets for approval, monthly financial statements and relevant financial reports that reflect the financial status of OHL;

• Applies for funding from government programs at the provincial and federal levels;

• Ensures that new sources of funding are explored;

• Oversees the organization’s fiscal activities including budgeting, returns and audit reporting;

• Ensures appropriate and timely reporting to the Board and funding bodies;

• Identifies and assesses risks to OHL (e.g. impact on clients, staff, and management) with respect to assets, finances, goodwill and image; implements risk mitigation and control measures;

• Approves all OHL’s expenditures and administers the organization’s financial resources in accordance with the approved budget and financial policy;

• Oversees facility maintenance and capital requirements for the organization

Community Engagement

• Maintains and develops strong community links and partnerships, and fosters innovative and regular communication with families, First Nation communities, Band Council(s), other stakeholders;

• Ensures OHL is represented at community activities to enhance OHL’s profile and create awareness of the OHL mission, vision and achievements;

• Establishes effective working relationships and collaborative arrangements with community groups, funders, government agencies, educational institutions and other organizations to further the OHL mission;

• Oversees and, where possible and appropriate, coordinates special community events and other functions that take place at OHL

To perform any and/or other job related duties as required by the position and the Board of Directors

• The duties must be job relevant and related to the Vision, Mission and Mandate of the OHL

• All duties will take into consideration the knowledge, skill and ability of the individual


Responsibilities Duties

Reports to the Board of Directors

• Prepares a monthly report to the Board of Directors regarding business, human resources, legal, financial, program and health and safety operation and updates on the progress towards the strategic plan.

• Prepare draft agenda with the Chairperson of the Board for each monthly board meeting.

• Develop, review and recommend policies for the organization to the Board of Directors.

• Appoint a designate when absent and inform all staff, the Board and outside agencies.

• Prepare and present an annual plan and budget to the Board of Directors for approval in November for the following year.

• Support the Board in the development of a strategic plan every 3 to 5 years.

Working Conditions

• The employee must be familiar with the use of general office equipment and computer software (i.e. MS Office Programs, Outlook, Internet, Financial Software, Smart board, etc.).

• The employee must be able to work under pressure and in high stress situations.

• The employee may be required to work extended hours to meet deadlines including evenings and weekends. Occasional travel.

• The employee is regularly expected to sit and work on the computer for long periods of time while performing the duties of the job.


Board of Directors: to work under the Supervision

Management Team: to directly supervise

Other Staff: to answer or direct any job related inquiries to appropriate supervisor

Clients & Families: to answer or direct matters to the appropriate staff member

Internal Committees: to participate and contribute on committees as required

External Committees: to participate in community and Addictions and Treatment Center relevant committees


  • To provide services in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of the employment agreement, the personnel policies, standard operating procedures and directives which serve the achievement of the OHL’s Strategic Frame work;
  • To provide consistent, objective and accurate counseling to the Board of Directors in a professional manner;
  • To direct and supervise the OHL staff with efficiency, transparency and fairness;
  • To establish, maintain accurate and consistent communication flow throughout the organization and the outside;
  • To provide for the transparency and accountability of all employees in respect of his/her jobs, policy and declaration of trust;
  • To enact effective financial administration for the whole OHL organization;
  • To supervise management team and assure they are functioning efficiently;
  • To provide sound opportunity for all staff in their development;
  • To maintain confidentiality;
  • To maintain a positive and progressive image of OHL in the community at large;
  • Must not be guilty of a criminal offence;
  • Must provide a doctor’s certificate of good physical and mental health


Certification and/or level of formal education

• University Degree in the area of Health, Social or Human Services or Business Administration with a minimum of three (3) years working in treatment and addictions services OR

• Diploma in Addictions, Social Work, Psychology with minimum five (5) years relevant work experience in the addictions or mental health services OR

• Management experience with at least seven (7) years of work experience in an addictions program or as a client services manager

• Certification as an Addictions and/or Mental Health Counsellor is a definite asset

Knowledge, skills, abilities and other requirements

• Knowledge of mental health and addictions involving First Nations/Inuit people and communities;

• Knowledge and/or experience in the development, implementation and monitoring of individualized treatment plans for clients is a definite asset;

• Knowledge of National, Regional and local mental health and addiction support organizations;

• Knowledge of all federal and provincial legislation applicable to non-profit sector organizations including: employment standards, human rights, occupational health and safety, charities, taxation, CPP, EI, health coverage, etc.;

• Knowledge in seeking out funding and ability to write proposals;

• Strong understanding of policies, programs administration and operational procedures;

• Solid understanding of HR management, financial management, project management and legislations;

• Ability to understand organizational budgets, financial statements, audits and associated regulations and reporting requirements;

• Ability to take initiative and stay abreast of challenges and needs in order to address issues, concerns and socioeconomic programs facing the community and surrounding Indigenous communities;

• Possess the following skills: organizing, negotiating, fundraising, analyzing, problem solving, decision making, public speaking, facilitating, delegating, communicating;

• Strong computer knowledge and skills in order to work with the software and technology of OHL;

• Works autonomously and in a team setting;

• Knowledge of the Mohawk Culture would be a definite asset since OHL’s catchment areas are the 3 Mohawk Communities of Akwesasne, Kahnawake, Kanehsatake and the Montreal Native Urban Population;

• Working knowledge of French Language is a definite asset

• Valid CPR/First Aid and Anaphylaxis Certification required;

• Must possess a valid driver’s license;

• Must provide an annual certificate of good health as required;

• Must not be guilty of a criminal offense in a matter related to the job;

• Must be living a healthy lifestyle.

For all inquiries contact:

Charleen Schurman


380 St. Michel KANEHSATAKE, QC J0N 1E0 | Tel.: 450-479-8353 Fax: 450-479-1034

Email: info@onentokon.org Website: www.onentokon.com