Advisors - Reconciliation Committee, Scouts Canada

Scouts Canada Indigenous Reconciliation Steering Committee: Call for Advisors


Scouts Canada is about to embark on our organization’s Reconciliation journey, which lies at the heart of Scouts Canada’s work towards creating a culture of authentic inclusion for all who want to belong to our movement.

We recognize that we cannot do this alone and must seek the guidance of Indigenous FNMI (First Nations, Metis, and Inuit) peoples right from the start. Therefore, we are looking for Indigenous advisors to partner with our Board’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Working Group, and form a Scouts Canada Indigenous Reconciliation Steering Committee (“Steering Committee”).

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to co-create a Reconciliation Action Plan, and to provide strategic advice to our Board of Governors This includes advice on

I. the organization’s systemic racism audit;

ii. investigation into current and historical relationships with Indigenous communities;

iii. Recommendations on engaging with Indigenous communities impacted directly or indirectly by Scouting,

iv. broader recommendations and/or initiatives to make Scouts Canada more inclusive.

 This co-creation process will help ensure that our practices, programs, and policies meet the diverse needs of Indigenous peoples, address any direct or indirect harm, and build a mutually respectful way forward in collaboration with communities.

Our Commitment

Scouts Canada is committed to self-awareness and investigating the ways we need to do better as an organization, so we can journey forward in an authentic and accountable way. As an organization centered on land-based programming, we take seriously the importance of facing our history and ourselves, to be a humble and responsible partner in this Reconciliation journey. This steering committee is just the beginning and we look forward to going forward in a mutually respectful way.

Objectives + Deliverables

                In partnership with our Board Working Group, Advisors of the Steering Committee will:

    • Review and provide feedback on the 8 Reconciliation Actions committed to by the Board, and Co-Create a Reconciliation implementation Plan
    • Lead the development of an appropriate engagement plan with Indigenous communities impacted; advise on how the organization can stay agile and responsive to feedback from Indigenous Communities and internal findings;
    • Develop learning and engagement opportunities for Scouts Canada, as determined by the committee, that enable the organization’s journey towards greater inclusivity;
    • Advise and provide input on the systemic racism audit of SC’s policies, procedures, programs, and protocols;
    • Develop a summary of recommendations to make Scouts Canada more inclusive and culturally appropriate.

Who Is Invited to Apply?

We welcome interested individuals who reflect Canada’s diversity of Indigenous communities, languages, genders, age, geographies, skills, and expertise. Specifically, Scouts Canada is seeking Expressions of Interest from individuals who have skills and experience in the following:

• Experience providing strategic advice to similar organizations, Boards and/or executive teams. May include but not be limited to national-level advice, supporting the development of a Reconciliation critical path, community consultations, and/or program policy analysis;

• Believe in the opportunity for positive systemic change through building and strengthening relationships;

• Demonstrate a collegial and collaborative approach to decision-making, and value diversity of opinion, respect, integrity, and fairness;

• Can share Indigenous values and teachings as a respected voice of their communities, so we can learn and be guided by Indigenous perspectives in our strategies, plans, and actions.

Appointment Details

  • Appointment Length: A one year (1) standard appointment length. Appointments may adjust based on the timelines developed for each product and individual contribution. Committee members may change depending on the needs of the BoG or communities at that time.
  • Timing Requirements: Meetings of the Steering Committee will be monthly, unless otherwise determined by the committee and Chair as required.  Approximately 2 hrs a month in meetings, with email correspondence as necessary.
  • Relationship to Scouting: Are not required to be a member, yet should be committed to building a positive future for our Scouting movement in Canada. 

As our commitment states, we are not asking you to do the heavy lifting of this work for us, but to guide us in the right direction. Scouts Canada needs to do better, face history and ourselves, and journey forward in an authentic way. We thank all those who express interest in supporting our journey towards ownership of our history and co-creating our future together.

Expression of Interest

If you would like to contribute to the vision of reconciliation of Scouts Canada, we invite you to submit a cover letter that outlines your interest in joining our Committee along with a summary of experience and qualifications. Our Board’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Working Group will review the Expressions of Interest September 2021, with a goal to establish The Committee by October 2021. Please forward all relevant documents to Scouts Canada’s Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion